Unify Against Bullying is a 501c3


We pledge to bring an end to bullying through the celebration of true diversity.

There are countless children waging quiet battles against bullying. Many believe that they are alone. Unify Against Bullying wants these children to know they are far from alone. They are supported by a loving, caring community of fellow students, teachers, parents, brothers, sisters, business leaders and others.

When we stand together, we stand as one.


Our Mission

To bring an end to bullying through the celebration of true diversity. We intend to accomplish this goal through providing grants to those who are in the best position to make a difference; children, parents, teachers and administrators. These are the unsung heroes who are on the front-lines of bullying each and every day. Through providing them with funding and resources, we can show the children of the world; the days of ignoring bullying are over. Instead, we are in a new era where we celebrate our differences and come together as one community. That is why in the Unify movement we say; when we stand together, we stand as one.

Bullying impacts everyone:
Bullying affects children of every shape, size, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical ability. Everyone has dealt with bullying at one level or another. Unify Against Bullying's powerful and consistent presence in the community and in our schools, brings all of us together to speak out against bullying with one voice.

The Unify Video

See How It All Began

In 2015, the Zemba family of Robert Charles Photography and Ryan of Ryan James Videography collaborated on a project. Their goal was to create a video which would convey the impact bullying has on our youth today. What they didn’t realize at the time was how this experience would impact them personally. During filming, both Robert and Ryan had to leave the room several times to re-focus their emotions.

What the kids brought to the table that day was very real, very raw and very powerful. The words and ideas you see in the...

piece all came from the students.

Robert & Ryan simply tried to capture their message and share it with the world. Everyone on set that day knew they were a part of something special. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the video that started Unify.

Watch The Video Now!


In January of 2015, the Zemba family began looking for an anti-bullying charity. They wanted to donate all of the proceeds from their annual fashion show which was dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness of each and every child. Although they found a number of small efforts, none seemed to fit what they were looking for. They wanted an organization which incorporated children into the conceptualizing and running of its anti-bullying programs. This was due to their experience that children seemed to respond better to peers rather than well-intentioned adults. Additionally, they were committed to ensuring that funds raised would stay within the same communities which raised them. Eventually, the Zembas turned to fellow parents, business leaders and students to ask for help. Before long, Unify Against Bullying was born.

“The message of embracing diversity and speaking out against bullying resonates with people of every age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical ability. We've all dealt with bullying one way or another; personally, as a parent, a friend, classmate, or even bystander. It’s part of life and our hope is to let the children who are being bullied know that they aren't alone. On the contrary, we stand with them. That’s why those of us in the Unify movement like to say; when we stand together, we stand as one.”

Edward Zemba
Unify Against Bullying

Edward Zemba

Robert Charles Photography


Susanna Zemba

Chief Experience Officer,
Robert Charles Photography


Robert Zemba

Robert Charles Photography

Board Members

Student Board

Student Board

The Kids of Unify are our Inspiration!

Unify Against Bullying started with a small group of kids that have been at the very heart of Unify ever since. Our Student Board understands that when they sit down to share their thoughts, they do so on behalf of every child who has ever been touched by bullying.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting and dynamic group of young leaders!

Executive Board Of Directors


Michael Sakey

Realtor, Rovithis Realty, LLC


Susanna Zemba
Vice Chair/Vice President

CEO, Robert Charles Photography


Ashley Marshall

Audit Manager, The MP Group


Sarah Goff

Manager, Kohl’s

Board Of Directors


Basia Belz

Owner, Vivid Hair Salon and Spa


Katherine Garvey

Attorney at Garvey Law LLC


David Jeffway

Owner/Producer, Sharper Vision


Debra Mainolfi

Branch Officer, Freedom Credit Union


Jim Powers

CEO, CJC Lighting & Production


Lisa Powers

Producer, CJC Event Lighting & Production


Keonderick White

Dean of Culture, Springfield Public Schools

Advisory Board Members


Wendy Stechmann

Director, Hartford Investment Management Co.


Bill Cole

Owner, Tiger Web Designs


Van Johnson

Attorney, V. Van Johnson III


Isaiah Moskowitz

CEO, LTI Business Solutions


Kristi Reale

Partner, Meyers Brothers Kalicka

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From Edward Zemba, Founder:

“UNIFY has grown beyond anything we ever originally conceptualized. Don’t get me wrong, we were shooting for the stars. However, we never dreamed UNIFY would impact so many, so deeply. When Aiden shared his thoughts, he spoke to our hearts. We realized immediately that all the late nights and early mornings were worth it. Even if just one child walked away realizing that he wasn’t alone, we succeeded beyond words.”

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