2017 Unify Fashion Show will be broadcast "LIVE"!

Date: May 16th 2017,
Time: 5:30 Social Hour, 6:45 Fashion Show
Where: Log Cabin Holyoke, MA

Time Remaining Before Fashion Show:

Seats Sold
10% Sold
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Selfie Challenge

The Kids of Unify Have Started Something Amazing!

On October 1st, 2016, the Kids of Unify Against Bullying issued a challenge to the world & the world answered! Students, Parents, Community Leaders & Celebrities all came together to help make a difference. Join the movement that spread through 50 states and 50 countries in only 50 days! Do your own #UnifySelfieChallenge & help the kids of Unify bring an end to the silence of bullying… “One Selfie at a time!”

How It Works

It’s easy! Just write the word Unify on the back of your hand, place it over your mouth, and take a selfie! Just like the ones you see here! Then, copy/paste the text below onto your Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Tag as many friends as you can and challenge them to do the same! Don’t forget to hashtag #UnifySelfieChallenge!

Copy and Paste This -

To help bring an end to the silence of bullying, I have accepted the #UnifySelfieChallenge! The hand over my mouth represents the silence associated with bullying. The word UNIFY shows that we are all coming together to do something about it! I challenge (TAG 3 OR MORE FRIENDS HERE) to UNIFY with me!! You have 24 hrs to repost with your own Unify Selfie and challenge 3 or more friends to do the same, or make a donation to UnifyAgainstBullying.org! #unifyselfiechallenge

That's it! Just watch it grow!!!

World Wide Selfie Challenge!

The Video That Started It All!