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It’s time to bring an end to the silence of bullying!

  • Last year, we received Unify Selfies from all 50 states and over 50 countries!
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How to do a #UnifySelfieChallenge

It's easy! Just write the word Unify on the back of your hand, place it over your mouth, and take a selfie! When you post on your social media just copy & paste the below text. Make sure to challenge your friends, and favorite celebrities! #UnifySelfieChallenge!

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I have accepted the #UnifySelfieChallenge! The hand over my mouth represents the silence associated with bullying. The word UNIFY shows that we are all coming together to do something about it! I challenge (TAG 3 OR MORE FRIENDS OR CELEBRITIES HERE) to UNIFY with me!! You have 24 hrs to repost with your own Unify Selfie and challenge 3 or more to do the same, or make a donation to UnifyAgainstBullying.org #unifyselfiechallenge

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Distribution of funds:

Unify Against Bullying seeks to fund anti-bulling initiatives in schools everywhere. You may apply for a grant by filling out this very short online FORM. Children of all ages, Parents, Guidance Personnel, Teachers, Administrators and Charity Partners are all encouraged to apply! We have a committee of volunteers who will select the applicants which best reflect our organizations MISSION.

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Other Events?

Will there be other events held to raise money under the UNIFY name? Yes! We need your help. If you would like to contact us about holding an event in support of Unify Against Bullying, just fill out this short FORM. Someone will be in touch with you.

Areas we are looking for help

  • Sponsorship
  • Direct Donations
  • Future Events for raising money & awareness

Unify Against Bullying Awards
2017 Grants

East Longmeadow, MA – Ten deserving recipients received Unify Against Bullying’s Second Annual grant of $1000.00 each to support their anti-bullying initiatives. The grants were awarded on Monday, May 1, 2017 at Pasquale’s Restaurant in East Longmeadow.

Jaime Peck, a Granby, Massachusetts resident created a free of charge group for local growing girls called “From Tween to Teen Girls”. The grant funded a weekly summer program for 52 girls aged 10-15 to explore a variety of confidence building topics, self-love, empathy and relationship building with others.

Wilbraham Firefighter and Paramedic, Jason Dimitropolis created a program for schools called Hashtag Positivity Day. The goal is to educate children about the negative impact bullying has on those affected. The grant funded equipment to create a podcast shared through social media with a kindness message and a speaker for the upcoming school year.

Jennifer Young and January Akselrad, from Cold Springs, New York are co-founders of the “Be-a-Friend Project” that brings peer support to kids recovering from bullying through delivery of “Friend mail” that lets them know they are loved and not alone. The grant will be used to fund postage for letters sent from peers also for banners, posters and T-shirts for their message in The Friend Strong Musical, “It’s Easy”.

Jessica Goodridge, and four of her senior classmates at Putnam Academy in Springfield, created L.O.V.E. (Lift Others, Value Everyone) for their Retail Marketing and Finance Program senior year project. L.O.V.E. was created to bring awareness to bullying by creating and selling T-shirts that read “Bullying Stops Here” on back with a “hand up” on the front. They used the grant to purchase more T-shirts which are currently being sold in their school store.

A North Falmouth High School Senior Jonathan Peters, initiated a Youth Outreach Program, a blogging site to express various issues and ideas related to the LGBTQ youth community. He received a grant to update his website, youthoutreachprog.com and to recruit bloggers for marketing his program. He is carrying his message onto Hofstra University to spearhead events in the fall.

Kenny Roche, a Holyoke High School Senior hopes to impact bullying through music and video. His grant allowed him to purchase software to shoot higher quality videos and improved music editing software to produce a video for his original song “Lift Me Up”. The song “focusses on victims of bullying and their thought process during their daily torture in hopes to tug on heartstrings of the oppressors and the oppressed”.

Business partners of Simply Grace YOGA located in Springfield, Mikki Lessard and Nancy Feth created a free YOGA program to benefit young women who have had many obstacles, challenges and stresses in life. The program offers self-esteem building and anti-bullying discussions. Their grant will fund the program and compensate the YOGA instructor.

East Longmeadow parent and director of a pre-school, Marna Shields currently utilizes an outdated Second Step program that has an anti-bullying curriculum. Her grant will allow her to purchase an updated program that teaches important social skills about understanding each other’s feelings and how to handle social situations. The grant will purchase the updated materials with take home backpacks parents can borrow with books about friendship, diversity and activities to go along with it.

Patrick Ireland of Longmeadow and founder of Neutral Corner .org teaches classes to students to combat bullying. The positive message Neutral Corner promotes helps kids to achieve success, by building their confidence and self-esteem through NON contact self-defense skills. His grant will sponsor 12-15 students for a 5 week program. The program concludes with a graduation where each student receives a “Certificate of Achievement” and a Neutral Corner “Stop Bullying” T-shirt.

A Holyoke High School student, Vianca Gonzalez a member of the group Pa’Lante (restorative justice), that provides support for students who are having a conflict and work with them to resolve it. They are also interested in helping the person who is doing the bullying to find out why.